About Our Dojo

The Manatisowin Karate Club was formed in 1984 by Menary Sensei and Beauchamp Sensei. Menary Sensei was one of Tsumura Shihan's first students of Shito-Ryu Itosu-Kai karate in Toronto, Ontario. Menary Sensei set up several dojos in the Edmonton area when he moved here in the mid 1970's with the assistance of Beauchamp Sempai and others. By the early Eighties, both Menary Sensei and Beauchamp Sensei had developed an interest in Native American culture and began to see parallels between the Northern Alberta Cree warrior beliefs and those of Okinawan martial arts practitioners. These gifted Martial Artists formed their final dojo in 1984 and named it "Manatisowin", the Cree word for "Good Life". This word truly encompasses all of the benefits gained from the study of a traditional martial art which develops one totally: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  In 1988 Lindsay Sensei and Radulski Sensei moved to Edmonton from Inuvik, NWT. Being long time friends with both Menary and Beauchamp Sensei, Lindsay and Radulski Sensei quickly became involved with the studies and teaching at the Manatisowin Dojo.  Radulski Sensei, with her many talents, created our Crest from images that she received in her studies of the Native American culture.  This club is a non-profit organization that teaches Shito-Ryu Itosu-Kai karate, one of the original four traditional styles of karate. Fees collected are used to bring in guest instructors for clinics, or to subsidize team travel to the Canadian National Tournaments. We have taken four teams to the Toronto nationals since 1994, and all have placed in the top three medal spots. Many of our students have come home as individual national champions as well. The energy they return with encourages all members of the club to strive to be the best that they can be.  Competing in tournaments is not compulsory but it does let us know that we are on target with our training techniques.

Karate is an excellent form of exercise, self defence, stress relief, and a great aid to self-improvement. Students with disabilities have experienced many successes while they surpass previous limitations and learn an exciting and interesting new sport. With our group, karate is also fun because we have grown into a family. All classes begin with a warm-up which is followed by karate waza (basic techniques), kata (patterns), kumite (partnered techniques) and a warm-down. We start two sessions a year: September and January. Sessions progress gradually and thoroughly cover all the requirements for all levels of study. Experienced male and female instructors provide a safe, fun environment.

All our instructors are registered with the Federation of All Japan Karatedo. The Chief Instructor of Canada, Tsumura Shihan, recognized our club's senior instructors, Lindsay Sensei and Radulski Sensei, as outstanding karate practitioners by presenting them with the Kei Tsumura award.  Lindsay Sensei received her's in 1988 and Radulski Sensei in 2010.   In our style, Shito-Ryu Itosu-Kai, the Tsumura Outstanding Karateka Award is the highest form of recognition in Canada.  This award is rarely presented and those who receive it are truly outstanding not only as karate practitioners but as hard workers and exceptional members of their communities - "Manatisowin"


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